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Lofoten's goal is to become a low-emission region - a national pilot for regional green transition.

Lofoten has a clear vision of becoming The Green Islands by 2030, essentially a leading low-emission region, powered by renewable energy and boasting a sustainable and vibrant economy. Lofoten's growth strategy, "The Roadmap," was approved by the Lofot Council and the municipal councils of all six municipalities in Lofoten.

The Roadmap for this green transition has several main points. It aims to support the green transition and local green value creation through coordinated efforts and collaboration. It seeks to eliminate barriers and make it easier to choose green options.

The Roadmap does not intend to prohibit, exclude, or penalize those who do not wish to lead in the green transition, but rather to open up and support new opportunities..

One of the primary objectives is to develop Lofoten into a comprehensive low-emission zone. This entails a region tailored for green transportation, which will also enhance the quality of transportation services, contribute to a stronger desire to reside in the area, and create a competitive advantage for businesses.

In addition to transportation, there is also a focus on agriculture and aquaculture. The goal is for these industries to achieve low-emission status (80 – 95%) by 2040 for their machinery and production equipment. This will be achieved by adopting new technology and innovative solutions, emphasizing energy conservation at all stages, and producing their own energy from renewable sources or waste and by-products.

Lofoten also aspires to be a pilot region for zero-emission air travel. The goal is for all air traffic to, from, and within Lofoten to have zero direct CO2 emissions by 2035.

These measures are just a few of the many outlined in the roadmap for Lofoten's green transition. With these ambitious goals and a strong willingness to collaborate, Lofoten is well on its way to becoming a low-emission region and a model for other regions to follow.

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